Against the Spin, by Michael Panckridge

The ball came fast and swinging. Aimed at off stump and gently moving away. It was a beauty. It would have troubled most good batters. But not Bubba. He took half a step back, then lurched forward and swung with all his might straight through the line. He heaved the ball up and over mid-off.

Mitchell Grady is already the Legend of the Surf, the first in Sandhurst School’s annual sporting competitions. Now it’s cricket season and Mitch wants to be Legend of Cricket as well. But the competition is pretty fierce. His friend Bubba is an outstanding batsman and his other mate, Jack, is a good all-rounder. Then of course there’s Travis Fisk, the school bully. Not happy that he’s been beaten in the surf competition, Fisk will do anything to make sure he wins the cricket title.

Against the Spin is the second title in The Legends series and continues the story of Mitchell’s year at Sandhurst, a school where too much sport is barely enough. For young sports fans there are plenty of cricket scenes as well as the ongoing story of friendship, bullying and competition.

Aimed squarely at 10-12 year old boys, this series is sure to please.

Against the Spin, by Michael Panckridge
Black Dog Books, 2003