Raising the Bar, by Michael Panckridge

We were well in front of the others, but did have the inside running. Fisk was getting closer as we turned into the final straight. As I looked up at 90 metres of straight, I felt a sharp sting near my right ankle. The next second I was flying through the air, blue sky and green grass spinning around me.

The team sports are over and the last two sports of the Legends series are here. First there’s athletics, and Mitchell needs to do well here for a chance at the over all Legend of Sport title. Only one person stands in his way – Travis Fisk, the school bully. Fisk will do anything to beat Mitchell, but is it possible he could go too far?

Raising the Bar is the seventh title in The Legends series, set at Sandhurst School, where the annual sporting competition seems to dominate everyone’s attention. These are absorbing books for sports-mad kids, with a good combination of sporting action and adventure.

Another great read.

Raising the Bar, by Michael Panckridge
Black Dog, 2003