The Super Parp-Buster, by Janeen Brian & Greg Holfeld

Slim Pickles and Jolly
invented each day
in a shed on a hill
that was far, far away.
But there wasn’t a road
on that hill way up high
so nobody came
or ever passed by.

Slim Pickles and Jolly are wonderful inventors – they spend their days making all sorts of wonderful things – knick-knacks and nobblers and thing –a-me-jigs – but the lack of a road to their shed means that no one has ever seen their inventions. So the clever pair build a road and soon the people come to admire their work. Unfortunately, with the people comes pollution – each car leaves a parp to pollute the air. Slim Pickles and Jolly need to get to work to build yet another invention – a Super Parp-Buster.

The Super Parp-Buster is a fun rhyming title which can be enjoyed as just a whimsical story, but also holds a message about pollution and about exploring ways of reducing its damaging impact. With a style reminiscent of Dr Seuss, author Janeen Brian uses plenty of creative, quirky words, which young listeners will love and which adult readers will find fun to read. The illustrations by Greg Holfeld also reminiscent of the Seuss books, are full of comic detail.

This one will be read and enjoyed time and time again.

The Super Parp-Buster!, by Janeen Brian and Greg Holfeld
Working Title Press, 2005