Fergal Onions, by John Harrison

Through the window he heard a faint, sweet sound. Fergal stopped eating and listened. He turned down the volume on the kitchen TV.

Fergal Onions loves television so much that he has a set in every room of his house. He spends all his time watching whatever is on. Then, one morning, as he sits watching television and eating his breakfast, the sounds of a violin float in through his window. It is a tune that is strangely familiar, and, gradually, Fergal’s love of music is reawakened. Suddenly, television isn’t so important.

Fergal Onions is a whimsical tale with gentle humour and an important message. Fergal is isolated by his attachment to the television but, through music, enjoys new friendships and even goes outdoors. Children will love the story and adore the images of Fergal who is delightfully bald and huge-nosed.

Fergal Onions was awarded a CBCA Notable Book in the 2005 CBCA awards.

Fergal Onions, written & illustrated by John Harrison
UQP 2004, this edition 2005