Innocence Lost, by Karen Miller

Reviewed by Davina MacLeod

In Innocence LostKaren Miller has laid a feast before us once again.

If you have had the pleasure of reading Book 1 of the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology, The Innocent Mage, you may recall how palate cleansing that entree was. You may also remember that just as you were cosily tucking into the main course it was whipped from the table, so to speak.

Never fear, the craving will now be assuaged. The table is set, the main course has returned. We meet old friends like Asher, straight as ever, and Gar ever the royal, who does what he must to save the kingdom. Matt is still the gentle yet stolid Horsemaster, and Dathne starts letting go of some secrets at last, while keeping Asher flummoxed, but in love. You will enjoy a visit to Conroyd’s home where you join the lavish dinner , and you may cheer when you witness his hopes crumble.

Can Asher and Darran make peace, and keep it, when Gar begs them to? They do try. But what are Conroyd and Willer, the little weasel, hatching together? Will they manage to bring Asher down?

Don’t expect the expected when dessert is served. Although Miller has brought most of the same tantalizing ingredients to book 2, she adds a few more spicy tidbits to the mix in the same inviting manner as she did in book 1.

Get ready to tuck in. Innocence Lost is already in the shops.

Innocence Lost, by Karen Miller
Voyager, 2005

© Davina MacLeod 2005

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Davina writes Children’s Historical Fiction based in Melbourne. She has been editing fiction for eight years, and is a member of the Australian Society of Editors. Although she edits anything that can be put into print, Speculative Fiction is, for her, the most enjoyable.