Emily Loves to Bounce, by Stephen Michael King

Emily loves to bounce. Sometimes she sleeps, sometimes she eats, but most of the time she bounces.

As Emily bounces her way through the day and through the pages of this delightful picture book, young readers will find themselves springing along. The text is simple – full of boings and different kinds of bounces – and the plot is equally uncomplicated. We learn of Emily’s seemingly boundless energy and then we see what happens when the day comes to its end and she rests, finally, in her parents’ bed.

Emily is brought to life by author/illustrator Stephen Michael King’s gorgeous pen and ink rendering of Emily, complete with boinging ringlets and a bright red and yellow polka dot dress. King uses bold, bright colours effectively framed with lots of white space to keep the eye focussed on the action.

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this book and parents with energetic young ones will relate well.

Emily Loves to Bounce, by Stephen Michael King
Scholastic, 2005, first published 2000