Chappelli Speaks Out, by Ashley Mallett with Ian Chappell

Ian Chappell was the captain of one of Australia’s best ever cricket teams – a team which included Dennis, Lillee, Geoff Walker, Max Walker and other great names of Australian cricket. He was also part of the players’ revolution which saw World Series cricket take off, and players earn professional incomes for the first time.

In Chappelli Speaks Out Chappell shares his memories and his opinions with Ashley Mallett, who was also a player under Chappell’s captaincy. The book traces Chappell’s career, from playing in the backyard with his brothers and father, to his retirement. He also offers his views on Australian and world cricket during and sicne his playing days, including his opinions on some of the big names of the game – Steve Waugh, Ian Botham, Richie Benaud and Don Bradman. Not all of his opinions are favourable, but they are frank and also reasoned – he explains why he feels as he feels.

This is an easy read, and will especially appeal to cricket fans.

Chappelli Speaks Out, by Ashley Mallett
Allen & Unwin, 2005