Sandra Collage and the Fossil Fuel Fiasco, by Tim Levy

Sandra grabbed the handset and started to dial her mother’s office number. She was so focussed on the call that she didn’t notice someone else was in the room until Number Two’s huge hand had covered her mouth and nose completely. His hand was cupping a piece of fabric doused in a special knockout formula.

When Sandra wakes up from a strange dream, she’s excited. Today is her birthday and she’s going on a birthday picnic with her mum. But when she tells her mother about her dream, Mum thinks the dream might hold the key to the scientific formula she’s been working on, and dashes off to work to try it out.

Sandra is upset, and goes off on the picnic by herself. When she dozes off in the sun, she dreams her mother is being kidnapped, and rushes home to phone her. Instead, it is Sandra who is kidnapped and she and her mum have to battle the man who wants to destroy the secret formula.


Part of the Travel Kids series, Sandra Collage is an exciting and humorous story, which includes plenty of extras. In between chapters there are games and travel tips designed to keep kids entertained while travelling, including a guide to reading in the car and not throwing up.

Suitable for ages 8-12.

Sandra Collage and the Fossil Fuel Fiasco, by Tim Levy
Random House, 2005