The Truth About Magic, by Dave Luckett

Mr Tipkins lost his temper entirely. He smiled, and his smile was the sort of smile you see on the sort of wizard you don’t want to meet on a dark night. ‘You want something powerful, do you?’ he asked. ‘Something unusual? Something people will notice, eh? Well, take this!’

When Mr Tipkins, a gift-giver from the Department of Wishes of Faerie, arrives to bestow baby Alain with a gift, he gives him more than was intended. This has consequences not just for baby Alain, but for Tipkins as well, who finds himself sent away to the Collegium Magica to be trained as a Faerie Mage. While the Collegium offers plenty of opportunity for Tipkin, he soon finds that his new life won’t be at all straightforward.

The Truth About Magic is the first in a new fantasy series, School of Magic, with wizards, spells and magic aplenty. There is loads of action, some humour, and characters both likeable and dastardly.

Perfect for young fans of the fantasy genre aged ten and up.

The Truth About Magic, by Dave Luckett
Omnibus, 2005