Kiss, Kiss! by Margaret Wild (Small-Format Edition)

When Baby Hippo wakes up he hurries off to play, without stopping to give his mother a kiss. Leaving his disappointed mum behind, he waddles through the mud, around the bumpy rocks, up the mossy bank and under the leafy trees.

Everywhere he goes, Baby Hippo hears the same sound – ‘Kiss, kiss!’ – as the other baby animals kiss their parents good morning. When he remembers that he’s forgotten to do the same, he hurries home. But where is his mother?

Kiss, Kiss! is a delightful offering from acclaimed author Margaret Wild. The text is simple and rhythmic, with youngsters able to predict the ‘Kiss, kiss,” repeated throughout the story. The illustrations of Bridget Strevens-Mazro are a perfect complement, with the gentle colours of nature and an endearing Baby Hippo.

First released in 2003, the book has been re-released as a small format hardcover, promoted as a gift for mothers. Mums will love it – and so will their young charges.

Kiss, Kiss! by Margaret Wild, illustrated by Bridget Strevens-Mazro First Published Little Hare, 2003, new small format edition, 2006