Granny Survivor and Granny Guru by Jan Dallimore

Our Granny needs supervision day and night. She is a walking catastrophe. Talk about little kids getting into regular trouble—Granny is a thousand times worse.

Granny may be old but she isn’t ready to retire quietly. When her family stops her from learning to surf she goes shopping instead – and gets flattened by a truck. This has unexpected consequences she lands herself a starring role in an action movie. Next, she joins a gym in a quest to win a triathlon, before turning her hand to inventing.

These two little books are packed full of laughs and action. Granny is a do-anything lady who gets into all sorts of scrapes which young readers will find hilarious. Each book contains two separate, but sequential stories with easily accessible text and loads of illustrations.

Suitable for readers aged 6-10 as they make the transition into junior novels.

Granny Survivor and Granny Guru by Jan Dallimore and Heath McKenzie (illus.)
Black Dog Books, 2006

This review first appeared in Reading Time Magazine.