Why Dick Fosbury Flopped, by Damian Farrow & Justin Kemp

Why and how did Dick Fosbury invent the high jump (or flop) which bears his name?
How did the golf ball get its dimples?
How have performance enhancing drugs affected world records?
How have athletes’ bodies changed over time?

In Why Dick Fosbury Flopped, sports scientists Justin Kemp and Damian Farrow explore the answers to these and many other burning questions about sport and sports stars. They attempt to debunk some of the myths and investigate apparent sporting conundrums.

With a slightly humorous take on the subject, this is still an in-depth, scientific look at sport, from the team that present radio show Run Like You Stole Something. There are hundreds of sporting facts, definitions and explanations as well as tidbits of trivia.

This is a book sure to please any sports trivia buff (would-be or otherwise).

Dr Damien Farrow is the Skill Acquisition Specialist at the Australian Institute of Sport, working with a variety of AIS sports and consulting to professional teams in football codes. Justin Kemp is the Exercise Physiologist at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne.

Why Dick Fosbury Flopped, by Justin Kemp and Damian Farrow
Allen & Unwin, 2006