Always, by Anna Pignataro

Underneath a big old elm Oli asked, ‘Mamma, how long will you love me?’
‘Always,’ Mamma smiled.
‘How long is always?’ Oli asked.
’Miles and miles forever,’ said Mamma.

In the age-old way of young children, Oli wants to know that his mother loves him. But ‘always’ is a concept beyond his grasp. With patience and tenderness, Mamma explains – as magic as a starry night…as wild as a windy day…as wondrous as a winter snow…. Mamma focuses on the small wonders of the world around them, and their stability, as she reassures her son of the strength of her love.

Always is a beautiful tribute to parenthood and a gentle story which mother and child will cherish together. It is Anna Pignataro’s first effort as author/illustrator, having already forged a reputation as illustrator. The watercolour illustrations bear her gentle touch, with Oli and mother depicted as teddy style bears. The binding of the book – hardcover with an imitation cloth finish and gold stamped lettering, makes it especially suitable as a gift for a newborn baby.

Always is a divine offering which is likely to become a much-loved classic.

Always, by Anna Pignataro
Scholastic Australia, 2006