Three 'It's True' Titles

The successful It’s Trueseries continues to educate and inform Australian children, and the latest releases from Allen & Unwin will not disappoint.

It’s True! Your Cat Could Be a Spy traces the history of spying through the ages, from the Trojans with their wooden horse, to the Ancient Romans, and Japanese ninjas. There are plenty of inside secrets of spying, including codes, and gadgets, sure to appeal to any budding 007.

It’s True! Space Turns You Into Spaghetti is an intriguing insight into the universe – from neighbouring planets, to distant galaxies. Mysteries of black holes, the possibilities of life on other planets, and the science behind space travel are all explored in simple language.

It’s True! You Eat Poison Every Day is an exposition of the myths and mysteries surrounding poisons – including the poisons that are in everyday objects, including food, and true tales of murders and attempted poisonings throughout history.

Each of these three offerings provides an intriguing insight into a different aspect of science and history, using down to earth language and cartoon-style illustrations adding a touch of humour and making the books accessible even to reluctant readers.

Suitable both for school and library collections as well as private reading.

It’s True! Your Cat Could Be a Spy , by Sue Bursztynski, pictures by Mitch Vane
It’s True! Space Turns You Into Spaghetti, by Heather Catchpole, pictures by Heath McKenzie
It’s True! You Eat Poison Every Day, by Peter Macinnis, pictures by Bettina Guthridge
All from Allen & Unwin, 2006