The Hold-up Heroes, by Dianne Bates

In a soft voice – and no doubt with a smile on his face – Captain Scarlet replied, ‘The Governor. We will kidnap the Governor and hold him for ransom.’
There was silence as the men grappled to understand, and then we heard:
‘Surely you don’t mean the Governor of New South Wales, Captain?’
‘That’s the one, all right.’

When Polly and James overhear bushrangers plotting to kidnap the Governor, they know they must stop it from happening. But when they race home to tell their parents, they realise their father might be helping the bushrangers. They need to stop him from turning to crime, and foil the plans to kidnap the Governor. But how?

The Hold-up Heroes is a historical fiction offering for junior primary aged readers. Set in the times of bushrangers, it offers a glimpse at this fascinating period of history. Part of the Making Tracks series from the National Museum of Australia Press, this illustrated chapter book is perfect for classroom reading, but just as appealing for private perusal.


The Hold-up Heroes, by Dianne Bates, illustrated by Kathryn Wright
National Museum of Australia Press, 2006