The Words Inside, by Emmah Money

Reviewed by Dale Harcombe

This is the biography of Emmah Money. Adopted soon after her birth because of her Cystic Fibrosis, a life threatening illness, Emmah Money used her illness and her dreams to write the words that led to her being chosen 2005 Girlfriend of the Year by Girlfriend Magazine. This is the story of a girl who in her young life has had to overcome more than most people would. It is a testament not only to her character but to that of the adoptive family, who raised her and taught by example the importance of overcoming difficulties.

Emmah’s story is told in a very easy to read style. She does not flinch from dealing with some of the specific issues she faced with her illness and the results of so much hospitalisation. The book also gives a picture of her growing up and the hassles and bullying she received from her peer group at school. She does not shy away from the truth and includes her excursion into depression and alcohol to alleviate that depression.

But in the end it is a story about a girl who was brought up to believe she could do anything and who set out to prove the truth of that statement. She has gone on to do her part in seeking to raise the awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and to raise money to try and find a cure to this illness as well as work as a model.

For anyone suffering from this illness or any other debilitating disease this book would provide hope and encouragement. For those fortunate enough not to have to combat the problems Emmah has had to deal with, it will show that, with determination and courage, it is possible for a teenager to overcome and realize her dream.

The Words Inside , by Emmah Money
Random House Australia , 2006
$27.95 ISBN 1 74166 212 5