They came on Viking Ships, by Jackie French

Reviewed by Jess Whiting

The village was below them. Hekja stopped, and stared, and tried to still her breath. Beside her Snarf flopped down onto his tummy, and whined at the smell of blood. Reena had been right, Hekja realized. She was too late. No one could help the village now.

Hekja is a young girl who lives peacefully in her small village, until it is under siege. Hekja finds herself captured by Vikings and made a slave to Freydis, the daughter of the Viking leader Erik the Red.

Based on true events, They came on Viking Ships is an amazing story of adventure as you join Hekja and her dog Snarf on a perilous journey across the seas where they will make friends, foes and travel to amazing lands.

For ages ten and up, this novel allows you to step into the past and join the Vikings on their amazing adventures both on land and at sea. A moving story about friendship, loyalty and bravery, this book will have readers hooked.

A non stop adventure They came on Viking Ships, by Jackie French
HarperCollinsPublishers, 2005