It's True! The Vikings Got Lost, by David Greagg

Vikings have a reputation as being fierce invaders who plundered and pillaged. But did you know they also ate pizza, took spa baths and got lost? In this humorous, but fact-based, offering, young readers can learn all sorts of facts about Vikings and their ways.

In just 88 pages author David Greagg covers a vast amount of Viking history – from their lives at home, to their travels and their wars, as well as a look at their mythology, their form of written communication (runes) and more. This is complemented by the humorous illustrative work of Binny Hobbs.

The Vikings Got Lost is part of the It’s True! series, from Allen & Unwin, providing insight into a vast array of non-fiction subjects for primary aged readers.

Good stuff.

It’s True! The Vikings Got Lost, by David Greagg, pictures by Binny Hobbs
Allen & Unwin, 2006