Pet Palace, by Adrienne Frater

We didn’t have to wait too long before we discovered how Radish earned her money. Number 88 was looking pretty posh by now. The new pink paint glowed like candyfloss. The new palm trees spread out like lime-green sun umbrellas. And on Saturday, Radish hung a purple sign above the gate. It said – Pet Palace.

When a mysterious lady buys the house across the road and starts doing it up, Angie and Jeremy are intrigued. But when the owner puts up a sign saying “Pet Palace’, and all kinds of pampered pets start to arrive, they are desperate to see inside the house.

Jeremy has a great idea – he dresses up as an animal welfare officer and visits the Pet Palace. But what the children see there is shocking. The animals are not being well cared for at all. Fortunately, Jeremy has another great idea to save the animals.

Pet Palace is a humorous chapter book for 6 to 10 year old readers, with elements of mystery and adventure. The text is easily accessible for readers new to the chapter book format and the cartoon-style illustrations, by Ben Redlich, are a fun complement.

Pet Palace is part of Lothian’s Start Ups series.

Pet Palace, by Adrienne Frater, illustrated by Ben Redlich
Lothian, 2006