365 Fun Facts, Weird Trivia and Amazing Lists…

We use lists every day – shopping lsits, to-do lists, spelling lists…but this book promises that the lists it offers are more exciting than other lists. There is certainly a great range of lists – from a list of the ten most expensive pieces of art in the world, to a list of the countries of the world, and a list of Nobel Peace Prize winners. Topics covered include sport, animals, history, language, science and more and there are also opportunities for readers to compile their own lists.

First produced in the USA, this edition has been localised by Australian contributor, Jane Thornton, and includes several lists unique to Australia – including geography, political figures, AFL facts and more.

Likely to especially appeal to fact-mad boys, there is plenty of information, trivia, and opportunities to show off new-found knowledge on offer here.

365 Fun Facts, Weird Trivia and Amazing Lists on Nearly Everything You Need to Know
Scholastic, 2006