Snott Henderson and the Orsom Towers Gang, by D G Harris

All this time I was listening to Snott Henderson’s voice and watching his movements. There was something strange about him. His voice was very croaky, like he had a bad cold or was a heavy smoker (which seemed unlikely, since he looked like he was only about 11). And his movements were kind of wooden…

Ben Brady is not happy when his parents announce they are moving to the city. But once he’s there Ben discovers it’s not so bad – especially when he meets the other kids who live in his apartment block. Soon, Ben is a member of the Orsom Towers gang, and when they are suspected of vandalism, Ben and his friends are hot on the trail of the mystery. They need to find out who is responsible. But the biggest mystery of all is Snott Henderson, the leader of the Orsom gang. Where does he live and why does he always wear dark glasses?

Snott Henderson and the Orsom Towers Gang is the first title in a new series aimed at 9 to 12 year old readers. While the mystery is a little predictable to an older reader, there is plenty of humour and enough action to keep the pages turning. There are also themes of friendship and honesty and an appealing range of characters of all ages.

This is a fun read and the series is likely to attract a steady following among primary aged readers.

Snott Henderson and the Orsom Towers Gang, by D. G. Harris
ABC Books, 2006