Tide Stealers, by Kim Wilkins

Give it back!’ She ran boldly to the edge of the shore, but her voice was drowned out in the sound of the longship submerging again. Water rushed in to fill the gap; bubbles spewed upwards in streams. It all happened in moments.
Then, silence. Asa could hear her own breathing, loud in her ears.
’No, no,’ she whispered.
The Moonstone Star, her family’s magic, the last memory of her mother, was gone. And it was all her fault.

When Asa takes the Moonstone Star to the edge of the water to try to get its magic to work, it is stolen by Tide-Stealers, underwater outlaws. Asa and Rollo try to find it, but they must face ghosts, the tide stealers and sea giants to do so.

With their parents, King Sigurd and the Star Queen, dead, Asa and Rollo are the last hope for the people of the Star Lands. Flood, the evil court magician, has taken over the kingdom, using his powers to leave it submerged. In this, the second book in the Sunken Kingdom series, the adventures of Asa and Rollo continue, with help coming from an unlikely source.

This is an intriguing series, with all the elements of good fantasy – a well-woven fantasy world in turmoil, plenty of baddies, and heroes with huge obstacles to overcome. Of course, this is all condensed into a format suitable for younger readers, making it a great introduction to fantasy for primary aged children.

The Sunken Kingdom series is part of Omnibus Books’ new Fantastica imprint, offering fantasy tales for children from world-class fantasy writers. It seems destined for success.

Tide Stealers, by Kim Wilkins
Omnibus Books, 2006