Audiobook Review: Life's Like a Crocodile, by Rolf Heimann

What if a snail decided to seek a starring role on television – in a snail pellet advertisement? Or what if a cabbage managed to trick a rabbit into not eating it for dinner? This collection of stories by funny Australian author Rolf Heimann tells these tales and more, in a fun offering for children aged 7 to 10.

Read in this audiobook version by Anna Steen, the eighteen stories are each brief (the longest takes 7 minutes but most are less than 4), making them suitable for short listening spells of one story at a time, although they are just as appropriate for listening to in a longer sitting of several stories.

This would be a wonderful offering for the classroom, but will be enjoyed for private listening, too.

Life’s Like a Crocodile, by Rolf Heimann, read by Anna Steen
ABC Audio, 2006

You can buy this CD online at Fishpond.