Muffin Top, by Andrew Daddo

‘We’re getting a … family makeover. Cool huh? And we’re here to do the “before” shots. Then we’re going to a health farm for a week, and coming back for the “after”. What do you reckon?’ Her smile dulled slowly as she saw the three laughing clowns in front of her, each waiting for a ping-pong ball in the mouth. Leroy and Candy were still grinning.
‘But why? Cranked Dad.
‘What’s wrong with us?’ I said.
‘Who needs a makeover?’ Kylie had her arms folded across her chest.

Ash and Kylie’s mum is a total embarrassment. She writes a column for the local paper about pet care – even though the family doesn’t own a pet. Then, when Ash and Kylie have a fight about their muffin tops, their mother has a great idea about doing a family makeover for the paper. She wants them to feature in a double page spread featuring before and after photos.

Before Ash knows what’s happening, he finds himself at the Natural Spiritual Health and Wellness Centre. Mum’s in her element, with massages and mud baths and plenty of opportunities for deep inner work, but the rest of the family aren’t so sure. Can they survive a whole week of wheatgrass and yoga?

Muffin Top is a funny novel for upper primary aged children about family togetherness, body image and self awareness. Whilst it’s mostly just good fun, it also has a healthy message about liking yourself as you are.

Good stuff.

Muffin Top

Muffin Top, by Andrew Daddo
ABC Books, 2006

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