Once Upon a Picture, by Sally Swain

Once upon a picture, in 1886, Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted ‘The Umbrellas’. Now upon a picture we might wonder about the girl with the hoop.
What does she want to do?

This picture book with a difference explores the work of four master painters – Renoir, Klee, Van Gogh and Rousseau – inviting children to look more closely at the paintings and wonder exactly what is happening. For one famous painting by each artist, author/illustrator Sally Swain devotes several pages to exploring the story behind the painting or behind one aspect of the painting.

Suitable for children (and adults) of all ages, this book encourages readers to really look at art closely, and opens up the world of classic art to those who otherwise may not have access.

This would be a superb tool in the art or literacy classroom (especially within the viewing strand) but is also suitable for private reading and exploration.

Once Upon a Picture

Once Upon a Picture, by Sally Swain
Allen & Unwin, this edition 2007, first published 2004

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