Rue for Repentance, by Felicity Pulman

Almost everyone thought she had died. Only two people knew she was still alive, but Janna trusted them not to betray her. It was better for her to be gone from sight. Safer. Meanwhile these clothes, these filthy garments, were part of her disguise, and she would have to endure them.

When her home is brunt to the ground by angry villagers, Janna realises she must flee if she is to stay alive. Lord Robert knows that Janna knows his secrets, and is among those who wanted Janna dead. With no proof of his actions, Janna must keep her suspicions to herself until such time as she can prove them.

When she takes shelter on a manor farm , disguised as a boy, Janna hopes she can start a new life and begin her search for a father she didn’t even know existed until recently. But Janna’s disguise is tenuous and, when she discovers that the owner of the manor is someone she knows, Janna is once again in danger. When the boy Hamo disappears, Janna must find him before time runs out for both of them.

Rue for Repentance is the second title in the Janna Mysteries series, set in medieval times and featuring the feisty Janna, whose knowledge of herbs and healing and keen eye for detail, stand her in good stead as a sleuth. Whilst the book does stand alone, readers will enjoy it more if they have previously read the first title in the series, Rosemary for Remembrance and will look forward to reading the third instalment, Lilies for Love.

Janna Mysteries 2: Rue for Repentance

Rue for Repentance, by Felicity Pulman
Random House, 2006

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