Take 2, by Philip Blythe

The detective-thriller movie, Quest for the Golden Ibis, has just finished filming. For every scene, the director has filmed two different versions, each from a different angle. But there are a number of errors in every take, because a saboteur has been trying to ruin the film…

This is a puzzle or spot-the difference book with a special difference. Instead of presenting two identical pictures and asking youngsters to search for changes, Take 2 presents two shots of each scene, taken from different angles. The differences then are in details – clothing, props, the set and so on.

Readers are asked to act as an Assistant Editor and search for the differences between each pair of takes, then choose which shot will actually work in the final film. They are also asked to act as detective and figure out the identity of the saboteur.

As well as being a mind-bending and fun puzzle book, Take 2 also serves as a good introduction to film making and film language. Children are introduced to words such as cast, take, director and scene, as well as concepts such as continuity.

Suitable for primary school aged children.

Take 2, by Philip Blythe
Little Hare, 2006