The Secret Army – Operation Loki, by Sophie Masson

Nicky Flamel, a motorbike racing ace.
Andromeda Frost, a beautiful English socialite.
Otis Falcon, a young American ex-boxer.

Three teenagers from very diverse backgrounds find they have one thing in common – psychic abilities which have been triggered by recent accidents. Now they are on Archangel Island, where a secret institute has been set up to train such psychics to battle the Nazis in Germany and abroad. But Andromeda is not happy on the island and when she escapes she finds herself caught up in a lot of trouble – trouble which Nicky and Otis must help her out of.

The Secret Army is a graphic novel from the combined talents of renowned children’s author Sophie Masson and artist and animator Anthony Davis. Set in the time of Hitler’s Germany the book is set against the background of real events, with the fantasy element of the main plot making the history interesting and accessible to young readers.

The use of the graphic novel format, with narration, speech bubbles and black and white illustrations, adds an interest factor and again makes the story accessible to readers of a range of abilities.

Especially likely to appeal to teenage boys.

The Secret Army: Operation, by Sophie Masson, illustrated by Anthony Davis
ABC Books, 2006