Success With Asian Names, by Fiona Swee-Lin Price

In Australia’s multicultural society, not all names have English origins or even the English structure of first name/surname. Asian names especially seem to cause problems for English speakers, who are unsure as to how names are pronounced, and which form of the name they should use – is the first name the name by which the person is commonly called, or is it the last one? Getting it right is important.

Success With Asian Names is a comprehensive guide by an expert in the field which explores the pronunciation and usage of Asian names as well as how to deal with situations such as entering names into databases or forms. With chapters devoted to the specifics of different languages and lots of examples, this would be a useful guide for anyone who works regularly with people from Asian backgrounds, such as teachers, administrators and health workers.

Author Dr Fiona Swee-Lin Price is well qualified to write such an offering. She is a specialist in managing cultural diversity and runs training courses in the correct use of Asian names.

Success with Asian Names: A Practical Guide to Everyday Usage

Success With Asian Names, by Fiona Swee-Lin Price
Allen and Unwin, 2007