Become a Children’s Writer, by Jill McDougall

What better way to learn about writing children’s books, than to get personal advice from someone who has written more than ninety-five of them? Jill McDougall is a multi-published children’s book author and in her new ebook, Become a Children’s Writer: Insider Secrets, she offers new writers the benefit of her experience.

McDougall offers practical advice on a range of topics, including getting started, finding ideas, gaining feedback and, importantly, finding markets. She also shares links to dozens of publishers which accept unsolicited manuscripts, saving the new writer hours of browsing.

McDougall’s style is upfront and open. She shares stories of her own mistakes and successes, gives hints ranging from biggies about submission procedures down to smaller (but no less relevant) matters like the colour of your printer paper, and generally inspires with her honesty and enthusiasm.

Whilst this offering is especially aimed at new and aspiring children’s authors, there are plenty of reminders for published authors, and the list of markets is in itself worth the cost of the book.

An outstanding resource.

Become a Children’s Writer: Insider Secrets, by Jill McDougall, 2007