The Copperhead, by Delwyne Stephens

Rachel was scared, too. She was so scared she could hear her heartbeat thundering in her ears. She knew what type of snake it was from the colour. It was a copperhead. Copperheads were deadly.

Rachel is always getting into trouble for not thinking before she acts. When she and her brother Tim go searching for blue-tongue lizards, she is determined not to get into any more trouble. But when Tim grabs hold of a snake’s tail, thinking it’s a lizard, Rachel knows she must stop and think before doing what needs to be done.

The Copperhead is an easy to read chapter book for primary school aged readers. Set on a country Australian farm, and featuring one of Australia’s most dangerous animals, it will appeal to Australian kids. Part of the Aussie School kids series, The Copperhead is 48 pages long and has plenty of illustrative support for readers new to the novel format.

Good stuff.

The Copperhead, by Delwyne Stephens
Aussie School Books, 2007