Summer Psychic, by Jessica Adams

I am interviewing an English psychic named Luke Gabriel when he stops the tape recorder and tells me we will be married by winter.
He is peering into an old bucket full of sea water when he gives me the good news. Apparently this is how Nostradamus saw visions of the future too – though obviously not in a cleaner’s bucket.

When Jo Delaney meets psychic Luke Gabriel she has no intention of marrying him – or anyone else. And within six months? It can’t be possible. But when Luke’s other predictions start coming true, she has to wonder. But Jo doesn’t want to marry Luke – she’s still recovering from the death of her fiancé, Andrew, and has just met Gram Nixon, a rock musician she has always fancied from afar.

But, as Jessica discovers, you can’t always control the way your life is heading, and maybe Luke’s proposal is the least of her worries, anyway. She has to contend with a tenuous employment situation, a witch who has it in for her, and her memories of Andrew.

Summer Psychic is a n engrossing, funny read, with twists and turns, some poignant moments and lots of humour. Aimed squarely at the chick-lit market it will be adored by those who’ve enjoyed Adams’ previous work, and send those new to her writing scurrying for her back list.

Highly readable.

The Summer Psychic

Summer Psychic, by Jessica Adams
Allen & Unwin, 2007

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