Cool Bananas, by Christine Harris

When she goes to stay with her grandpa for the first time, Claudia expects him to use a walking stick and smell like old cabbage. Instead, he meets her at the airport dressed in a lurid shirt with wraparound sunnies and his hair gelled into spikes. How embarrassing! Claudia wonders how she will survive a holiday with this man who she doesn’t know at all.

Something else is worrying her as well. Claudia has an embarrassing secret. Nobody knows about it – but Grandpa seems to be to be on to her.

Cool Bananas is a fun junior novel suitable for readers aged 7 to 10, though reluctant readers up to the age of twelve will enjoy it. The text is accessible, the plot satisfying and the line-drawing illustrations by Bettina Guthridge a good complement.

Cool Bananas (ABC Kids Fiction)

Cool Bananas, by Christine Harris
ABC Kids, 2007

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