King of the Beasts, by Fiona McIntosh

The Queen began to weep, but Saxten continued, more gently now. ‘Isn’t this why Sherloc watched over me and finally called me back? You have already set up this confrontation, without knowing it. I am all we have between Severo’s rule and the true Kings of Drumminor. I have been blessed with a magic that gives us our one chance.’

Since discovering he was not an ordinary boy, but in fact the heir to the throne of a faraway land, Saxten has had to face many challenges. Now, in this final title in the Shapeshifter series, he must face a new, final challenge. He must seek out Coravel, the fearful king of the beasts, and seek his help in destroying Severo. But if Saxton wants Coravel’s help he must be prepared to make a huge sacrifice.

The Shapeshifter series is a set of four short fantasy titles which together form part if Omnibus’ new Fantastica imprint of accessible fantasy stories for primary aged readers. As the fourth title in the series, King of the Beasts is best enjoyed after the reading of the previous four titles, though it could be read in isolation.

Great for young fantasy fans and as an introduction to those new to the genre.

King of the Beasts, by Fiona McIntosh
Omnibus, 2007