Volcano, by June Colbert

There are at least ten ways for a volcano to kill you.
The most obvious, being overtaken by lava, is actually the least common.

Sara’s dad is a Meatball. His job entails climbing inside volcanoes to see whether or not they are going to erupt. He thrives on the adrenalin rush which danger brings. Sara travels with her dad and his colleagues wherever there are volcanoes. When they are sent to South America to study Mount Cumbal, they are disappointed. Cumbal is quiet and sleepy. There’s no way it’s going to explode.

To make matters worse, Sara and the other teenagers in the group have been enrolled at the International School in the nearby town, where the other students, and even the staff, resent their presence. When some of these students decide to show Sara and her friends that Mount Cumbal is no threat, they put everyone’s lives at risk.

Volcano is an exciting teen novel, with a mix of action and issue. The focus on a live volcano will prove informative for many readers, providing an interesting and unusual setting. Problems of teen bullying, self esteem and responsibility are explored but not in such a way as to feel forced on the reader.

Suitable for readers aged 12 and over.


Volcano, by June Colbert
Lothian, 2007

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