Imagine, by Alison Lester

if we were
deep in the jungle
where butterflies drift
and jaguars prowl
where parakeets squawk
and wild monkeys howl.

Kids love to imagine and in this gorgeous little offering, they are invited to imagine themselves in the jungle, under the sea, in the arctic and more. Each new setting is explored first in words, with a verse similar to that above, complemented by a single page illustration showing children playing make-believe games of the setting they’re imaging. The following double page spread is an elaborate scene of the setting itself, with readers encouraged to find the different animals in the picture, through a list written in the white border around the spread.

Imagine is an endearing classic. First published in 1990 it has won a place in the hearts and homes of children, parents and librarians. This new small format hardcover edition is almost pocket sized, adding a new dimension to the text, with young readers encouraged by the size to pick it up and really look closely. They will also be delighted with the sparkly features on the front cover.

Imagine, by Alison Lester
Allen & Unwin, 2007