Observations of a Very Short Man, by Nigel Marsh

‘My Daddy is…’ went the headline.
Then underneath, in Harry’s big, woobyly handwriting, were the words ‘…a very short man.’
There was nothing else on the card. Either side.
Harry was looking up at me expectantly.
‘Err…That’s wonderful, mate…Thanks so much,’ I said.

Nigel Marsh’s first book, Fat, Forty and Fired was a huge success first in Australia and then internationally, and is now being made into a feature film. Now, in his follow-up book, Marsh shares more of the wisdom and wit which made the first book so popular.

Observations of a Very Short Man shares stories about different aspects of his life – interactions with his wife and children, experiences with religion, chance encounters with strangers and more. As well as recounting his experiences, Marsh also offers his wry observations about life, making the reader both laugh out loud and pause to consider the truth of Marsh’s observations.

An excellent read.

Observations of a Very Short Man

Observations of a Very Short Man, by Nigel Marsh
Allen & Unwin, 2007

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