The Dragon Companion, by Carole Wilkinson

This little hardcover offering will delight dragon lovers young and old. Filled with dragon facts and stories, and sumptuously illustrated, it can be read cover to cover or dipped into and sampled.

The Dragon Companion is an encyclopaedia with entries ranging from short paragraphs on key dragons in mythology, to dragon stories of two or three pages length. There are also annotated diagrams highlighting key aspects of various dragons, and colourful illustrations. The letter plates for the alphabetic entries are divine, each entwined with a different dragon.

Author Carole Wilkinson’s passion for all things dragons has previously been made obvious in the award winning Dragonkeeper trilogy. In this encyclopaedia, she shares that passion in a new format. Illustrator Dean Jones has produced beautiful illustrations, and the hardcover format and touches such as gold font make for a truly beautiful book.

Suitable for ages eight to adult.

The Dragon Companion, by Carole Wilkinson
black dog books, 2007