Goon Town, by John Larkin

So the group blasted a hundred million years into the past to write a report on Goon Town in the Cretaceous period comprised a shopper, and Irish dancing stat semi-finalist, a good adder-upperer and someone who could order yum cha in Cantonese provided the waiter spoke slowly.
‘Let’s face it,’ said Jade. ‘We can’t do anything.’

When Ms Phossil sets homework on the first day back at school, Leon, Paige, Dermott and Jade are unimpressed. Not only do they not like each other, but they’ve been given an impossible task – to prove that the extinction of the dinosaurs was the result of something that happened in Goon Town.

Soon, the four group members are on a mad quest that involves doughnuts, clotheslines and the discoveries of a mad professor. They may not make it out alive.

Goon Town is a funny tale of adventure coupled with a light lesson in friendship and tolerance. There are plenty of madcap moments, coupled with impossible but humorous twists and turns which keep readers guessing and giggling all the way to the end.

Suitable for ages 8 and over.

Goon Town, by John Larkin
Scholastic, 2008