The Australia Book, by Eve Pownall

The first Australians had been in the land so long that no man, not even the oldest, could say how they first came here…

So begins the wonderful Australia Book, an classic piece of Australian publishing history, which has been lovingly brought back to life by the team from Black Dog Books.

First published in 1952, The Australia Book documents Australian history from the time before Australian settlement until the book’s publication in clear language which is accessible to young readers. The magic of the book is that, in spite of the passing of more than fifty years since it was first published, it remains relevant to today’s children. This is a testament to the research and writing skills of author Eve Pownall and the efforts of Black Dog staff to preserve and reproduce the original book, rather than attempting to update or otherwise alter it.

Eve Pownall was an untiring worker in the field of children’s books – an integral part of the establishment of the Children’s Book Council of Australia, and a keen historian with a knack for making history accessible to children. That she has managed to do so over generations is remarkable.

A must-have book for every household and every classroom.

The Australia Book, by Eve Pownall, illustrated by Margaret Senior
First Published by John Sands, 1952
This Edition Black Dog Books, 2008