Audrey of the Outback, by Christine Harris

Price gave another generous shake of the tin, replaced the lid and put it outside the dunny.
‘Be careful,’ said Audrey.
‘I know what I’m…’ Price cleared his throat. ‘It’ll be okay. Move back if you’re worried.’
Audrey obeyed.
Price took a matchbox from his pocket, lit a match and threw it into the open hole.
There was an enormous whoomph, followed by a bang. A rush of heat knocked Audrey backwards.

Audrey lives in the remote outback with her mother, her big brother Price and her baby brother Dougie. Dad lives with them too – when he’s home – but he’s been gone for the longest time. With Dad away, Audrey and Price have to help Mum, but Audrey doesn’t mind too much – except when she has to clean out the chook pen or help Price with the long drop dunny.

Audrey and her best friend Stumpy spend their spare time building cubbies and chatting to the rare visitors who come by, including the swaggie, Toothless. And Audrey also has time to ponder important questions – like whether she should be a girl or a man, and whether it would be better to be a sheep or a cow.

Audrey of the Outback is a delightful tale of life in remote Australia. Audrey is a loveable main character with an upbeat, if skewed, take on life. Her friend Stumpy is a curious choice for a best friend, and readers will enjoy unravelling just who (or what) he is.

Perfect for private reading for kids aged 8 and over, it is also ideal for share reading in either a classroom or home setting.

Audrey of the Outback, by Christine Harris
Little Hare, 2008