Harum Scarum, by Felicity Young

She thought of Katy Enigma, girl detective, always ready for adventure, flying golden hair, long legs – would Katy go with this man?
‘Look, if you’re not okay with this,’ the man said, ‘Dan’ll understand. To be honest, he’s scared about meeting you.’
The man smiled. He had soft brown eyes and despite the strange nose and his peculiar voice, his face looked kind.
Bianca placed her hand in his and felt him shiver.
She didn’t know why, it wasn’t cold at all.

When 11 year old Bianca Webster disappears, it soon becomes apparent she has been abducted by a paedophile. DS Stevie Hooper must try to piece together what has happened, and stop it from happening again. As Stevie investigates, it becomes clear Bianca has been lured away by one of the members of the Dream Team, an internet paedophile site where men exchange photographs, videos and even the contact details of innocent girls.

This is a gripping but chilling thriller. Stevie and her colleagues race against time to shut down the paedophile ring before another girl can be killed. In the meantime, two apparently unrelated murders also seem to have links with the case. Stevie also has to sort out her personal life – finding a good babysitter for her daughter, and keeping her relationship with her fiancé Monty intact.

A page turner.

Harum Scarum, by Felicity Young
Fremantle Press