Cranky Paws, by Darrel & Sally Odgers

‘Hello, Thomasina,’ I said. ‘I know you feel really bad just now. You’re scared, and you hurt, but you will feel better very soon. Dr Jeanie has just-’
That was as far as I got, because Thomasina stopped looking dazy and hazy, and tried to leap away.

When Davie brings an injured cat to Dr Jeanie’s vet clinic, he says its name is Thomasina – but Jeanie and Trump decide the cat’s name should be Cranky Paws. Cranky Paws spits and scratches whoever comes near – Trump, Dr Jeanie, even Major Higgins, the visiting cat. It seems no one can calm her down – but Trump has a plan.

Cranky Paws is the first book in the new Pet Vet series. Set in Dr Jeanie’s vet clinic, and told through the eyes (and voice) of Trump, a Jack Russell puppy, who is also an Animal Liaison Officer (ALO). Trump may be familiar to some readers, being the offspring of Jack Russell, Dog Detective, from the series of the same name.

With lots of interesting animal characters, different textual elements including word definitions, maps and diagnosis notes, there is plenty to draw young readers in.

Suitable for readers aged six and up, and ideal for those making the transition to chapter books and independent reading.

Cranky Paws, by Darrel & Sally Odgers
Scholastic, 2008