Miracles of Mary, by Bridget Curran

For over 2000 years the Virgin Mary has inspired people of all nations, from differing cultures, differing levels of education and differing beliefs. Miracles attributed to Mary include apparitions, manifestations such as weeping statues, and simple prayers answered.

Miracles of Mary shares stories of Mary from around the world and across the centuries. Ranging from miracles associated with a statue in Sri Lanka, to a weeping statue in Japan and apparitions of mary in Yugoslavia and Portugal, the common element here is the presence of an apparition believed to be Mary or of an image or statue of Mary which is at the centre of the miracle.

Whilst the virgin Mary is often associated with Christian worship, and especially the Roman Catholic faith, the stories here come from people of a variety of religions including Muslims and Coptic Christians. They also come both from people who had a strong faith base before their experiences and those who had little or no faith.

For the reader, Miracles of Mary offers a range of remarkable stories which will inspire and uplift. The author, who lives in Perth, has spoken to people with numerous stories about Mary’s influence, and examined countless accounts, from which she has selected the stories included in the book. Readers do not have to have any particular belief or experience in order to be absorbed in and uplifted by these stories.

The Miracles of Mary: Everyday Encounters of Beauty and Grace

Miracles of Mary, by Bridget Curran
Allen & Uniwn, 2008

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