The Twelve Days of Christmas, by Heath McKenzie

My true love is an adventurer. Whenever he is away from home, he sends me cards and little notes about the places he’s been. When he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said, ‘Surprise me.’
What a mistake!

When your true love sends you a peacock up a palm tree on the first day of Christmas, it should set a few alarm bells ringing. The true love in this humorous offering follows up with two toucans, three polar bears, four rhinos reading and more, in a parade of animal gifts for his dearest.

As well as filling the pages with bright and humorous animal illustrations, author/illustrator Heath McKenzie also offers an interactive element in the from of removable letters, postcards, brochures and more, inserted between every second spread. Younger children will enjoy the bright illustrations and text, whilst older children will enjoy these extra elements.

Whilst the Twelve Days of Christmas song has been reworked on many occasions, this is an original take on the concept, with the novelty element a real delight.

An excellent Christmas gift.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: 1 Man, 12 Days, 78 Gifts, by Heath McKenzie
Black Dog Books, 2008