501 Great Aussie Jokes

Q. What do you call a platypus trapped under a rock?
A. A flatypus.

Q. What’s green, sticky and smells like eucalyptus?
A. Koala spew.

This is the third joke book produced by Scholastic Australia in recent years to support Camp Quality. Following on from the success of Laugh Out Loud! and Laugh Even Louder, 501 Great Aussie Jokes is full of jokes which will have primary school aged readers laughing out loud. I tried some out on my almost fifteen year old son and even he managed a wry grin (he’s not easily impressed).

There are contributions from famous Australians including Kerri-Ann Kennerly, Steve Jacobs and Adam Cox, as well as cute and humorous black and white illustrations by Louis Shea.

With a cover price of $9.99 and royalties going to Camp Quality, this is a worthwhile purchase.

501 Great Aussie Jokes
Scholastic Australia, 2008