The Sweet Life, by Rebecca Lim

Skin crawling, Janey clicked on Fellini’s profile. All it said was that ‘Fellini’ was male, twenty-one and Italian, and had logged in as recently as today. His page was largely blank, as he had no blogs, blurbs or other photos posted. Which said exactly zero about him. Scanning the rest of his meagre page, she saw that the guy had just one friend and that one friend was…her.

When her mother dies, Janey is all alone in the world. Well, not completely alone as she is fortunate enough to have some really good friends. But she has no family at all. Until, as she cleans up her mother’s belongings, she discovers a secret. Soon, she is contact with an aunt she didn’t know she had, who lives in Italy. When Janey goes to Rome for a holiday with the aunt, she gets more than she bargained for – an absentee aunt, a resentful cousin, and her very own stalker. Who is following her around Italy, and what do they want?

The Sweet Life is an interesting blend of teen fiction. Part romance, part mystery and part realistic, the story deals with the issue of cyber stalking at the same time as providing a gentle romance and a mystery for the reader to solve.

Part of the Girlfriend Fiction series, The Sweet Life is aimed at teenage girls of all reading abilities and is sure to find an eager readership there.

The Sweet Life (Girlfriend Fiction)

The Sweet Life, by Rebecca Lim
Allen & Unwin, 2008

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