The Kings of Clonmel, by John Flanagan

While the village might appear small and unimportant at first glance, a closer scrutiny told a different story…it was a prosperous community – and probably had been for years on end.
And that, of course, explained the presence of the Outsiders here.

When the annual Ranger Gathering comes around, Will looks forward to seeing his mentor, Blade – but Blade is not there. Instead, he is off investigating mysterious happenings in the west, where a religious cult known as The Outsiders is causing havoc. Already, The Outsiders have undermined five of the six Hibernian Kingdoms, and now they are making inroads in the sixth, Clonmel. Soon, Will joins Halt and their friend Horace, on a mission to drive the Outsiders out of Clonmel. First, though, they have to convince the King of Clonmel that he needs their help.

The Kings of Clonmel is the eight title in the successful Ranger’s Apprentice Series and sees Will and his friends embark on plenty of adventures. Whilst Will uses all of his Ranger skills to infiltrate The Outsiders, Horace is called to battle and Halt must face his past. Together, though, will they prove enough to defeat the wily and strong Outsiders?

This series offers plenty for fantasy fans, as well as for any reader who simply enjoys action and adventure. The Rangers rely on a blend of courage, subterfuge and honour to confront their enemies and keep their kingdom safe. They face a mix of formidable opponents, and appreciative and unappreciative recipients of their good deeds.

A great blend for teen readers.

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Kings of Clonmel, by John Flanagan
Random House, 2008