Von Gobstopper's Arcade, by Alexandra Adornetto

he reached out bravely to stroke the waving mechanical hand. They had not, after all, been instructed not to touch. Immediately the clockwork toy’s hand snapped shut around her wrist. Milli tried to shake her hand free but Boi Toi’s grip was as strong as a vice. The class gasped as his shiny face bore down on her. Milli saw Boi Toi’s eyes flash at her, so lifelike now they sent shivers up her spine, and he bared his teeth.

Life in Drabville is returning to normal. Since Milli and Ernest rescued the rest of the children from the Conjuror’s realm, all they want is a quiet life, free of adventures. But when philanthropist and master toymaker, Gustav Von Gobstopper hears of their bravery, he wants to give the children of Drabville a special gift: a Toy Arcade. When the arcade opens Milli and Ernest quickly realise that something strange is going on. Is their old foe, Lord Aldor back?

Von Gobstopper’s Arcade is the third and final instalment in the delightful Strangest Adventures series from young writer Alexandra Adornetto. With the same charming use of language as the earlier instalments, this new offering takes readers –and the two heroes – on an adventure filled with unusual characters. Aided by talking, living toys, the children work to prevent Lord Aldor from ruining Christmas and wreaking revenge on Drabsville.

Another wonderfilled offering aimed at 9 to 12 year old readers.

Von Gobstopper's Arcade (Strangest Adventures)

Von Gobstopper’s Arcade, by Alexandra Adornetto
Angus & Robertson, 2009

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