Wombat and Fox – Thrillseekers, by Terry Denton

Wombat sat at the table writing in his book.
‘Are you writing about me?’ asked Fox.
No, Foxy, why would I do that?’
‘No reason.’
‘I am sick of boring birthdays, so I’m making a list of WILD and DANGEROUS deeds to do between now and my next birthday.’

It is Wombat’s birthday and he is keen to do something dangerous and exciting, but most of the things he wants to do are too dangerous for Fox. But eventually, Wombat convinces Fox to try scootering down Bandicoot’s Hill. Fox isn’t too sure, but together the duo proves to be a good team.

Wombat and Fox: Thrillseekers is the third in Terry Denton’s popular and funny Wombat and Fox series. With three self contained adventures, and lots of Denton’s trademark silly illustrations, Thrillseekers will appeal to readers of a wide age and ability range.

Good stuff.

Wombat and Fox Thrillseekers

Wombat and Fox: Thrillseekers, by Terry Denton
Allen & Unwin, 2009

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